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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

AutoCAD 2008 – Tutorial 08

AutoCAD 2008 Tutorial, Working with Toolbars, Using Undo and Redo.

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25 Responses to “AutoCAD 2008 – Tutorial 08”
  1. Stukove says:

    Big Thanks from Romania. You are my Hero

  2. 99zoom1 says:

    great info. thank you, i am a news user!!!!

  3. mitrarad says:

    Thanks a lot! Great videos 🙂

  4. gethoserri says:

    Great stuff mate!, keep it up!

  5. asthenia2188 says:

    thank you Jim, your videos are really helpfull

  6. DerCheckah says:

    @CopyboyVideo i agree u have to wait a little too long to get an information about basicstuff and im really a beginner

  7. shaisdabest says:

    @gabriella3 Romania?

  8. CopyboyVideo says:

    Is this a tutorial for AutoCad or Windows 3.1? Seriously, I appreciate the effort, but it’s a little tooooo basic.

  9. chadchad3003 says:

    A MILLION billion zillion thanks from Croatia!! man!!!!!!! vids are awsome!!! 😉

  10. james007af says:

    thanks really your a great assesst cause helped me alot and sloved my big problems.. thanks keep it up

  11. zecawylde says:

    Giving me a big hand with my course. Cheers.


  12. nurazemkg says:

    It’s the best tutorial series on Autocad ever!

  13. mosanmec says:

    so very good

    mousaniel froes

    Brazil, belém pará

  14. alexxxito4 says:

    thanks brother you’re just great i’ll still tunning to your tutorials;

  15. TransAmLuvr says:

    Good stuff! I would just like to add, as these folks get more proficient with CAD, they will find themselves always a command ahead of themselves as they work through their drawings and get more comfortable using CAD.

  16. gabriella3 says:

    a million thanks from roumania, you’re the best…

  17. Fidget244 says:

    Thank you very much!!!!

  18. rapidfire64 says:

    Million thanks

  19. BRADD500 says:

    Dear Cadeeze,
    Please take no notice of the negative response to your videos, there is always some damn ass trying to spoil it for the rest of us, your vids are great, and helping me do my college course.

  20. mgomezmayorga says:

    don’t you have anything to do with your life? I could not believe your first note to begin with! but certainly you were entertaining. don’t bother in answering this one you have been already banned from my mail inbox.

  21. mabhilas says:

    wow cant belive you typed all that shit this basic structure learned in kindergarten gives the logical sequence to know in what order to watch a series of videos read a series of books, movies c…..and I thaught i was the only jobless loser

  22. mgomezmayorga says:

    dumbass? you probably don’t understand what you read! How would anyone know in what order to watch then? well read again 1 then comes number 2 and then believe it or not comes number 3 this basic structure learned in kindergarten gives the logical sequence to know in what order to watch a series of videos read a series of books, movies chapters, or no matter how incredible it seems even the pages in a book! Dumb ass!

  23. mabhilas says: would you know what order to watch then

  24. avilahugo says:

    Fantastic! Thanks very much for taking the time to save us so much time. A suggestion for those that made the “useless” comments; go and do something else, something you consider useful and leave the rest of us to learn Autocad…while you go and bounce a ball or something equally inane.

  25. axylove says:

    for sure this part of the tutorial is useless

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