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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

AutoCAD 2008 – Tutorial 09

AutoCAD 2008 Tutorial, Setting Drawing Limits and Drawing Units

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25 Responses to “AutoCAD 2008 – Tutorial 09”
  1. khoshaba11 says:


  2. khoshaba11 says:

    thank u very much i actually learned alot… btw u guys should visit his side for better quality of video

  3. waqasriaz76 says:



    Very good! Thank you very much!

  5. shaisdabest says:

    @DerCheckah hehe exactly!

  6. DerCheckah says:

    @shaisdabest quote: when they arent in det –> that means never 😀

  7. shaisdabest says:

    lol the US cant afford to change to the metric system just the ROAD SIGNS will cost them BILLIONS to change! hahahahaha it will happen one day, when they arent in det

  8. shaisdabest says:

    @slickmoe84 SAME, but i realized that means its just ANOTHER Command box on a different point of the screen i just use it as normal works fine, or you can press escape that MAY work. 🙂

  9. shaisdabest says:

    @teayangxxooo3 Download Vuze, it might be on there

  10. shearersshorts says:

    TeaYang – go to Zyber Discs they have AutoCAd 2006 or 2009 for £15 ($20). can’t say fairer than that, 2009 is totally different and a big earning curve again. almost like learning again from scratch. I’m sticking with 2006/2007.

  11. asdadffff says:

    Many thanks cadeeze, your tutorials are the best.

  12. hyperthreaded says:

    So, what do the “inches” in architectural mode refer to? 1 inch = 1 length unit in decimal mode?

  13. boxcrazed says:

    by the way i am using autocadd 2008, can you please help me? thanks

  14. boxcrazed says:

    I want to plot survey coordinates to autocadd, and once plotted i want it to have the figures or the point can u help me how?
    also, i am trying to divide a i have a line or arc by using ‘cal but i have a problem with the syntax expression..can u please help me how?

  15. teayangxxooo3 says:

    where can i download autocad 2009 for free??Is that more complicated than 2008?ty

  16. sir5ive says:

    it displays in a blue box beside your cursor, right?

    just travel to the AutoCAD status bar – at the bottom where it has the snap, grid, ortho, and etc. tabs – the tab where it says DYN – dynamic input, toggle it off.

    next time, whenever you use a command, it will only show up in the command window.

    but why do you want it off? DYN allows you to keep your focus at the point where you’re drawing?

    either way, it’s kool. i hoped i helped !!

  17. sir5ive says:

    setting up is the most important thing !! don’t want to mess up a project by using the defaults.

  18. slickmoe84 says:

    I need some help, whenever I want to type in the Command box the writing ends up on my cursor in the workspace, no matter how many times i click in the command box. Can you help me please?? this is becoming too frustrating for me

  19. Knightsofwar210 says:

    what program are you using to record the screen and what are the settings? I’m trying to make some tutorials on how to use autocad 2007 to make gun models.

  20. p3n0rgriffin says:

    im taking a autocad class in my highschool and ithe awesome thing is since im taking the class i can download autocad architecture 2009 for free for 13 months
    its super!

  21. cyndyengel says:

    Do you have a video on the annotation function. The tutorial that came with 08 is terrible and I still haven’t figured out the advantage to this function

  22. imhotep08 says:

    thanks so much.. this is so much help..

  23. J2Pes says:

    The reason of that happening I think is because whether you change the units to feet, it will still draw in Inches. So, in other for you to have 50 ft when typed 50, you have add the apostrophe(50′) other wise it will always draw in inches.

  24. tegra97 says:

    thanks a lot. but what i don’t understand is i typed “UNITS” and changed them to feet. so if you just typed 50 instead of 50′ shouldn’t it automatically be 50 feet? thanks.

  25. cadeeze says:

    AutoCAD defaults to inches when you’re in architectural units. By typing in just 50, you’ll get 50 inches. If you want feet type 50′, not just 50. Here are some other correct ways…

    50′-6″ (fifty feet six inches)
    50’6″ (fifty feet six inches)
    50.5′ (same at fifty feet six inches)
    50′ (feet)
    50″ (inches)

    Hope this helps.

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