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Friday, May 19, 2017

AutoCAD 2008 – Tutorial 11

AutoCAD 2008 Tutorial, Viewing Your Drawing, Pan, Zoom All, Zoom Extents, Zoom Object, Zoom Window.

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22 Responses to “AutoCAD 2008 – Tutorial 11”
  1. jimisimi1 says:

    i can,t believe i am leaning this much

  2. hpowers1 says:

    he explains this in the first video, some people are lefties and, for them, left and right is reversed.

  3. M3CoupeC50 says:

    Hopefully you get to use Pro/engineer, as AutoCAD sucks for 3D work. It’s really a 2D package.

  4. kasvarun says:

    I am a beginner to Autocad… i have craze for drawing 3D objects, which brings me to Autocad. I didnt understand what to do after I installed the s/w. But after having gone through your tutorial till now, i feel comfortable with the workspace. Thanks for such series of videos… I hope i come across the 3d drawing soon

  5. crazymind88 says:

    he is talking about his fingers not the button positions on your mouse.

  6. Troinik says:


  7. chapmansbg says:

    why do you keep referring to you mouse buttons by the finger you use? The convention (unwritten) is left and right buttons. The middle button is the wheel for most people… By the way thank you for your expertise..

  8. ZsSuperCumulo says:

    I cant believe this program costs 4000 dollars – –

  9. krystledana says:

    thank u so so much.
    i’m struggeling with this
    u are a blessing
    thanx alot again ,YOU ROCK

  10. mabhilas says:

    its right mouse button not middle and how do u have a +3?

  11. luemas666 says:

    the “middle finger mouse button” is more difficult than helpful, although ive worked out that you mean RMB, i use my middlefinger on my scroll wheel, my ring finger operates my RMB. Left handeds should prolly know that their RMB is on the left.

  12. odmcarp says:

    how do i change the current layer to “cutting plane lines”, is this something i would have to create?

  13. odmcarp says:

    i’m watching your videos and still learning, but are there any vidoes on macros, and autolisp on layer manipulation?

  14. raaged says:

    yeah 2000 drawings per day ,that will give him a 3 hour sleep per day!and nothin else to do.not good.

    Thx a lot cadeeze,appreciate your effort!Keep on!

  15. leo206 says:

    keep doing this kind ot tutorials because its better to be someone doing it that just read how
    to do it straight out of the book…keep the good work

  16. mgomezmayorga says:

    I’m so thankful, for your kind and professional work, I searched for many tutorials but none were understandable, they all make you think this program is hell itself, these tutorials of yours ones are clear, and AutoCad even seems easy, I really hope you could share more with us all, I looking forward to 3D!
    Greetings from Mexico

  17. bbulgroz says:

    thanks a lot for posting these videos. I´m an architecture student in Iceland and I was offered a job on my christmas break, where I´ve had to use AutoCad. Would have been an even bigger task without these videos.

  18. komoh says:

    hey ever thought of having classes online? like u can give us somthing to do and we’ll send u the file over the internet. just a thought

  19. najnella says:

    more please…

  20. boaz0wn says:

    10q very much , it is very nice of you to do that

    Hope you’ll post some more soon

  21. guzman850 says:

    still with you and following with great intrest — have signed up also — a joy to newbies

  22. anocan73 says:

    Thanks for continuing to post these.

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