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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

AutoCAD 2008 – Tutorial 12

AutoCAD 2008 Tutorial, Making Your Drawing More Precise Using Object Snaps, Endpoint, Midpoint, Intersection, Perpendicular.

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15 Responses to “AutoCAD 2008 – Tutorial 12”
  1. lostlover4815 says:

    it’s really handy just thank u

  2. Dave51262 says:

    Great job with these. Thanks so much for doing.

  3. aceksouras says:

    thanks very much

  4. leston4life says:

    Wasting? That’s what good teachers do. They frequently remind you of the simplest and easily ignored steps that could screw you badly if not taken care of.

  5. sjg531 says:

    I love these tutorials… thanks!!!

  6. heelspurs says:

    God, here in video number 12 and he’s STILL wasting 30 seconds telling us to use the Autocad classic view. 22,000 views… that’s 180 man-hours wasted in the first 30 seconds of this video that anyone even remotely following already knows.

  7. gagezes says:

    cadeeze…you are rally saving my butt with these torturals…thanks a trillion zillion times…continue with your great job…i learned much more of seeing an hour of your torturals than i learned from my professor the last 4 months

  8. imhotep08 says:

    cadeeze.. how do u make the roof?? i mean its my kryptonite.. lol.. and can i just make a floor plan and make it a 3D model?? i havent tried this yet.. but i wanna learn it.. tnx..

  9. cjw0089 says:

    I’m lookin through this from Seoul(korea)
    I find this truely interesting^

  10. susilowatideurrejola says:

    very clear , no doubts!

  11. anuranjan87 says:

    thank you…

  12. videocabinet says:

    Thanks a lot.

  13. timittens says:

    amazing. u are really saving my butt with these tutes. i am going for a cool job and have to pass a cad test beforehand. i’ve never used the program b4 but already feel alot more confident.
    thank you!!

  14. FasterSoldiers says:

    ty, refreshed my memory 😀

  15. najnella says:

    all the way…

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