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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

AutoCAD 2008 – Tutorial 14

AutoCAD 2008 Tutorial, Making Changes In Your Drawing, Moving Objects.

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25 Responses to “AutoCAD 2008 – Tutorial 14”
  1. HarpalBhasin says:

    exellent,U are great.Where I can find Ur full training course?

  2. Stukove says:

    great job. You are the man CADEEZE!

  3. cuticrisy109 says:

    hey hope there is more to come these are very useful!

  4. dhvcat91 says:

    WELL DONE, THANKS SO MUCH!… all 14 videos are great. hope to see more, esp. on layering. God bless you more Jim.

  5. esif1 says:

    Great work, really thankful to uploader..

  6. anoger says:

    well that was the last as i figure and over 2 years sens last you posted a video, to bad the wher good vids and i wuld realy have liked to have some more to watch, but i can understan that you putt allot of work in to them and that you dont have the energy and time to do more, thx fore the 14 episodes the helpd alot. Cheers man.

  7. arimpani says:

    thank you very,very much man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. omarabuhabaya says:

    Thank you
    plzzzz came back you are great man.

  9. mannycarazas says:

    Thanks alot its very easy to work autocad w your lessons KEEP THE GOOD WORK
    Manny C

  10. IndianFuckHead says:

    All d 14 videos were awesome, well explained n THANKS A LOT for uploading them. I hv practiced all d commands which vl help me during my autocad exam. U hv done great work for d student community.
    Hope u upload more videos for complete learning of the software.

  11. shiryu008 says:

    why did you stopped making nice videos? We want you back my freind. dont give up please.

  12. asthenia2188 says:

    Hey Jim, im studying architecture..
    I hope you are still going to post up some vids beause there are still a few doubts. For ex: printing, layers etc etc
    Thank you

  13. 02blkvert says:

    I took CadKey years ago while in college and never used it …….now I am learning AutoCad…..thanks for the tutorials

  14. Buttermeat says:

    Thanks for your valuable works. It is really helping and refreshing. I use AutoCAD2002.

  15. SwordandShield100 says:

    fak you

  16. bravopakistani01 says:

    if we want to enter text in the circle then we can do.which command we use for entering text in circle or boxes?

  17. noxiouswinter says:

    Thank You. Helped me refresh my skills.

  18. mikejohnson001995 says:

    hey man u got to make a tutorial for scaling .Please………

  19. rayunseitig says:

    Thanks for the review, I have autocad 2004. CU at your website.

  20. shivanoartstudio says:

    ops so that is all only 14

  21. MDzyne says:

    Very good Video, my Video can help too, check me out,, click on MDzyne

  22. Lokulputha says:

    Thank you for the noble work. God bless you !!!

  23. TheLem93 says:

    You most pay

  24. stinkriverstudios says:

    You steal it. Jack off,,, Its a multi thousand dollar program just check AutoDesk web site.

  25. james007af says:

    thanks for teaching sir i really appreciate your hard work, do you have the same for 3dmax if yes then quickly upload it in I need them hardly ..

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