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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

AutoCAD 2009 – part 13 – Navigation in 3D

Heidi Hewett demos the new 3D navigation features in AutoCAD 2009. For more tutorials checkout:

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16 Responses to “AutoCAD 2009 – part 13 – Navigation in 3D”
  1. leparditas says:

    if you modeling in 3d autocad in comparisson with programs like solidworks and etc is like crap.

  2. loves2doit says:


  3. Chrome1997 says:

    whats a ”gf”?

  4. Chrome1997 says:

    woo hoo good for you is autocad easy to use? please reply

  5. MDzyne says:

    Very good Video, my Video can help too, check me out,, click on MDzyne

  6. loves2doit says:

    cool, my gf is doing interior design and she needs one of these programs, not too sure which one yet lol

  7. JigsawBulldog says:

    wow you are cool

  8. laranjo123 says:

    Autocad 2009 i use this in making ship plans im a naval architect and im only 19 yrs old hihi

  9. foxandfriendsnews says:

    I have autocad 2009 and 2010 in:
    civil 3d
    regular full stand alone versions

    We also carry full version in 2005-2008 in all desktops including inventor.
    We now carry REVIT software too!
    why pay more than you have to.
    We have excellent customer service and tech support too!
    No worries.
    We will even send software FIRST before you make payment if you qualify!!!
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  10. markytanmusic says:

    with land desktop development plugin.

  11. markytanmusic says:

    Sweet i like this new version of autocad its looks like a google sketch with more application on it ^^… Too bad in my work we still using autocad 2007 we use it for commercial and residential house survey..

  12. foxandfriendsnews says:

    i have 2009 autocad for sale. I have architecture 2009, civil 3d, electrical, mechanical and civil 3d titles. I can set them up for you BEFORE you make a payment. get back to my channel or email me for contact info. thanks!!!!!!! I also have Revit software available too!

  13. cross0armour says:

    thanks for my learn

  14. dwaynesworld27 says:

    very nice Heidi Hewett, hope to keep in touch ‘n you soon if i got some problem.. : )

  15. Maisylattanavong says:


  16. AmbitiousERIC says:


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