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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

autocad 2009 setup

i´ve found autocad 2009 and i see that the instalation automatic do not instal all autocad 2009 features so i’ve donne a tuturial hope you enjoy it!! the AK-47 is made by me to

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19 Responses to “autocad 2009 setup”
  1. Julardo1 says:

    hey im having the same problem when i want to install it says ”you cannot install this product on the current operating system.”
    can any1 help me out. am i missing a downloading too;

  2. adnano93 says:

    When i click “Install product.” It says : ”You cannot install this product on the current operating system.” How to fix it?.. can anyone help me plss… :S

  3. Dmk998 says:

    waht’s your operating system ?

  4. swissfayaman says:

    he budy ,why does it say ,when i click on install product,
    ”you cannot install this product on the current operating system.”

    why ?can anyone tell me please….

  5. Dmk998 says:

    you need a key gen later this serial is just to go along with the instalation then you need the crack or the keygen whatever

  6. daman08191 says:

    serial number says its not valid

  7. daman08191 says:

    He doesnt show you the serial number on the video. He just shows you how to install it. You can also go to autodesk and install a trial on every one of them

  8. Dmk998 says:

    hey!!! thanks!!
    acctualy you are right the computar was a peace of shit but in the pasr summer holidays i build a gaming computar specs.

    intel E8400 @ 3.60GHz
    gaphics card ati radeon 4870 512MB
    board : asus formula II
    ram : 5GB 1066MHz
    OS: windows vista ultimate x64 bits
    and now it’s an horrible computer??

    about the music..well i don’t waste much space with music in my disc so this one was the first that i have found there (and acctualy it was on the recicle byn)
    do you enjoy the video?

  9. howdybillybob says:

    i’m pretty sure you have a horrible computer and this video was a waste of time and the music was gay.

  10. Dmk998 says:

    thanks!! i didn’t know that 😛 ahahaha

  11. HLSDK says:

    This is a video demonstrating how to get away with illegally installing $5000 software.

    This does not belong on youtube. What you have done is illegal.

  12. Dmk998 says:

    this auocad wasn’t bought 😀 but i put 666-and then i fill the box with 696969 Ex:. 666-696969696969696969696969………..

    when i boot autocad you need a keygen but the autocad was on my registry so i don´t need it 😉

  13. HewsonTrain says:

    what serial number did ya use?

  14. thech3rry says:

    lol it also means like pwned whice is pretty good

  15. Dmk998 says:

    ok thanks

  16. Ticaw says:

    still nice

  17. thech3rry says:

    it has some resons it means booyaa and fantastic and good film and yeah

  18. Dmk998 says:

    what is the meaning of pwnadge thech3rry?

  19. thech3rry says:


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