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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

AutoCAD 3D Short Tutorial

This is one of many Tutorials I have made for Autodesk’s AutoCAD. I used Camtasia Screencast software to create it.

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25 Responses to “AutoCAD 3D Short Tutorial”
  1. razanet16 says:

    yu can create any game engine on this yu make make games like crysis on this crysis is nothing

  2. renegade3355 says:


    need more info ?

  3. renegade3355 says:


    you can download autocad full version illegally, by using torrents

  4. phrmaecopia says:

    wow useful techniques!

  5. keifoo says:

    thrillmo.. don’t u know that a tons of animation movie or what u see on TV are created by Autodesk products? do u ever heard about a moive which called Avatar? is autodesk products are really crap? decided by urself. Thank you!

  6. khrl007 says: to make a hole in that object? to insert a machine such as fan and engine

  7. chrisamaria says:

    I´m studing that =)

  8. thrillmo says:

    why does autodesk still make this program. i have a degree in using this program and it really is crap.

  9. islamicradle says:


  10. GepardoSnaiperis says:


  11. Trox3985 says:

    Hey I am trying to draw an object that has holes in it for screws and cut outs for boxes. I drew it in 2d then extruded everything but I cant figure out how to make the holes and cutouts in my object. Do you know how to do this?

  12. verklimpt says:

    Thanks so much for sharing, looks really interesting but I cant see what you are really doing because it is so small.

  13. MrOurkid says:

    3D looks easier than i thought – good vid. ps music is spooky, reminded me of the British 70’s kids programme picture box.

  14. NitroNein says:

    jesus christ the music?!

  15. HeadTribe says:

    3d в autocad отстой

  16. RIVINEMESIS says:

    jeje bn haora toy aprendiendo y estoy en el sena aprendiendo a ahcer eso

  17. so2murad says:

    Thank you very much for this amazing tutorial, please make a new ones too.

  18. sir5ive says:

    switching between views is really repititive. why not use vports and set the left view in world ucs and the other as southeast isometric?

  19. 5571975 says:

    gracias men queria saber como hacer un solido gracias

  20. mad4mtl says:

    Dont you need to make each object a region before you can subtract?

  21. gim139 says:

    amazing work!!!!

  22. emisian says:

    whats the music??

  23. detherermig says:

    how do you get the toolbar

  24. kitasono says:

    how do you dimension a circle that’s on a 3D drawing ?
    when i tried to dimension it, it said it’s not a circle and can’t dimension it.

  25. kaahsheim says:

    pretty cool dude …

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