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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

AutoCAD and Dynamic Blocks

AutoCAD now has dynamic blocks and this video introduces the student to them. The video is based on tutorial 2-2 on

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6 Responses to “AutoCAD and Dynamic Blocks”
  1. MrWadsox says:

    why put attributes in title blocks? Is the information going to be extracted later?
    I always use dtext or mtext. works 4 me.

  2. arctictimberwolf says:

    Good review for me. I have been using AutoCAD since release 11 back in the early 1990’s and have worked with every release since up to 2008.

    Like riding a bike, Thanks

    This is an extremely well presented tutorial

  3. caddiva01 says:

    Great tutorial!! I was wondering if you have a tutorial of how to create a title block with attributes…

  4. frankputtemans says:

    you explain very good! I’m using AutoCAD Architecture 2009 and this info is still very useful.

  5. digitaldown says:

    or select the ins grip and press the space bar twice to rotate.
    good tutorial

  6. wargandona says:


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