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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

AutoCAD LT 2008 – Using Blocks

Why blocks are so useful to the AutoCAD designer. One of the 100 videos in the New AutoCAD LT 2008 Tutorial Series from

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3 Responses to “AutoCAD LT 2008 – Using Blocks”
  1. LorenAlbrecht says:

    “You’re going to love my nuts”


  2. bluecheif88 says:

    you only need two nuts LOL

  3. puppycat7007 says:

    Thank you, CadLearning.. your tutorial was helpful. I am new to Autocad, but tell me.. were you kidding when you said that this program REALLY help create multiple nuts? If so, my wife will want me to learn faster…. 🙂 cheers

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