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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

AutoCAD LT 2010 Tutorial – Getting Started & Align Command

A beginner AutoCAD LT 2010 tutorial of how to get started and use basic drawing commands. Also explains the new Align command. See for more information.

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25 Responses to “AutoCAD LT 2010 Tutorial – Getting Started & Align Command”
  1. TheID3000 says:

    i cant decide who makes better tutorials @SoftwareMedia or @TheNewBoston ??? what do you think ppl?

  2. gelojhonpaul says:

    this was very helpful! thanks !

  3. ceriseangel2 says:

    I love your voice Kevin! Very good tutorial.

  4. 05raf says:

    great video bro! =]

  5. TheTotoytotoy says:

    thanks bro. i am adding in to the demand of those who wants to learn more from you. also would like to suggest if you could post a video where in you are taking us a longer tour in the aspects of the workspace and like the basic logistics like how to set the values from inches to meters, something like that.. wish you all the best bro and we really appreciate good mentors like you.. thanks again..

  6. wassanthai says:

    merci beaucoup great !!

  7. Kruskot says:

    Hi Kevin.

    Thank you for you tips. It was very helpful.

    Att: George.

  8. raynez says:

    i dont know why if i extrude a line, it makes many lines. how do i extrude if i have an irregular shape?

  9. alucardjojo says:

    thank you very much bro!!!!!

  10. harisjafri says:


  11. mozahemi says:

    Thank you so much kavin 😀

  12. jarlolo says:

    thank you so much kevin. Brilliant tutorial!

  13. szhe42 says:

    me! 🙂

  14. babullicho says:

    its a brilliant tutorial,you should do more autocad tutorials

  15. MightGIc says:

    thanks u very much its help me alot!
    hope u can make more autocad tutorials
    thanks again

  16. harolda says:

    You are very clear my friend ! nice

  17. kasvarun says:

    Thank you

  18. wallc777 says:

    Anyone need Autocad 2010, let me know.

  19. iceman1433 says:

    This is a great tutorial for the new autocad. Congrats man!
    But the “align” command has been around from at least the 2008 version.

  20. Perfectmanksa says:

    Brilliant software and genius instructor, Kevin.
    Id like to have more videos on Youtube if u dont mind Kevin.

  21. urgener says:

    What’s a good forum for us Intructors to share ideas and advice?

  22. 2doble03 says:

    lo quiero en español

  23. Metalmasterxxx says:

    ummm…how can i measure the area of a region with a circular hole?….when i try to do it the measure of the area of the rectangle with a hole is the same to the rectangle without the hole…help….I’ve region and subtract command but the results are the same.

  24. ZompireChow says:

    Great tutorial, you set me off to a good start 😉 thanks alot for posting!

  25. mjthemoonman says:

    how can i insert interior thing like en tv kitchen table chair….

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