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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

AutoCAD Tutorial 5 – Journal Bearing Discussion of the following commands: LINE, OFFSET, FILLET, CIRCLE, FILLET, ‘CAL, TRIM, COPY, MIRROR

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13 Responses to “AutoCAD Tutorial 5 – Journal Bearing”
  1. miceypoo says:

    Do not slow down, you are doing great! If you want something slower use replay button. I hate it when people give a 10 minute tutorial on how to draw a box and all the options that you may choose from.

  2. baseballstarjc12 says:

    wow you are QUICK in autocad haha know all the shortcuts. im going to college and using autocad now and that helped me a lot and im sure i’ll be much faster now

  3. barrrometr says:

    спасибо, хороший урок!

  4. chr1s88blue says:

    how much do u make starting and how long have u bin in school if u dont mind me askin

  5. jthrilla84 says:

    good video!

  6. DoniGuzzo says:

    What kind of operating software do you use?

  7. DoniGuzzo says:

    May I ask, what school did you go to?… thanks

  8. 400dls says:

    mmm man you are very good but you need to be more patient and speak more slow, good tutorial

  9. autocadtutorial says:

    Please look at my AutoCAD Tutorial Video, I upload at youtube. It it fast and easy to understand. Check it out and thank you

  10. kantuhuayta says:


  11. sockbag2 says:

    i’ve never seen this software before, is this software a little out dated.

  12. GBallaJ says:

    what do you use?i tohught being a 3d architect you use programs like blender or 3d studio max?i only know how to use blender really but was going to try and become a 3d architect

  13. shibadoggie11 says:

    I’m currently working as a 3D CAD engineer and have never used Auto CAD, but I have been very curious about it. Very nice to know about this tutorial video. Thank you for sharing.

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