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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

AutoCAD Tutorial about Layout Tabs and plotting

This tutorial explains the concepts of layout tabs (paper space) and how they are used for plotting and printing. The video is produced by, which offers a complete and free AutoCAD course online.

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6 Responses to “AutoCAD Tutorial about Layout Tabs and plotting”
  1. CoolJoeProd says:

    when I put a viewport my whole drawing is placed in it like said. But when I go to preview, it is totally blank. How can I bring my drawing in the preview.?? thanks

  2. saucll says:


  3. alienw9 says:

    TNX 🙂

  4. urgener says:

    FYI, I teach to place the viewports on a special layer “Vports” in Yellow, set to “No-Plot”. DefPints works the same, but it’s days might be numbered. Might not happen soon, but DefPoints might go away in later Releases. Furthermore, you have to place your first dimension to create the DefPoints layer.

  5. lgpassword says:

    hi, I want to print an airplane plan that is a dxf file so can you tell me please how can I print it on A4 papers because after I print it I want to assemble it to get a full size rc plane plan:D thanks

  6. SatchmoBevins says:

    Thanks!! 😎

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