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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

AutoCAD Tutorial – Creating Attributes

This tutorial shows how attributes can be created and made to be part of a block to show more information about an object in AutoCAD. This tutorial is presented by (tutorial 2-4)

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6 Responses to “AutoCAD Tutorial – Creating Attributes”
  1. jdavis417 says:

    Nice job… very helpful. I just want to encourage users to check out the the Modes listed on the left of the ATTRIBUTE creation form. Also, good point about selecting the Attributes in the order you want them prompted in… BATTMAN (bap… pow) will allow you to redefine this order at any time. BATTMAN, ATTEDIT, EATTEDIT, ATTDISP, ATTSYNC and BURST are related commands to working with Attributes. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

  2. jdavis417 says:

    Make sure the Attribute doesn’t have “Invisible” checked. Also, set ATTDISP to “On” or “Normal” (preferred). Don’t forget the power of FIELDs!!!

  3. jdavis417 says:

    I believe you could accomplish this by a slightly complex conversion of your attributed block to a Dynamic Block. Other than that, I’m sure you could do it programmatically, possibly even with a LISP routine. I’m guessing you want to filter (FILTER seemingly won’t accomplish this either) the block, not just by the existence of a TAG, but by it’s VALUE??? You might search the Autodesk Discussion Groups… I couldn’t quickly find the answer, but perhaps you can!

  4. ukissmyass says:

    O thank you for posting this video, I was confused about what was the difference between a block and a block attribute. But your video cleared it all up by selecting an att with an object to make the whole jalopy. THANKS!!!!

  5. vsinertia says:

    does anyone knows if I can quick select blocks with specific attribute? I have 4 tags in every block and I want to select the blocks with a specific attribute ..not one by one..but using quick select. Thanks in advance

  6. vlxu1 says:

    how can you get the tag and the defualt values to appear on the page? In one of the 2008 samples set sheet on the autocad2008 folders they have created a title block which displays tag as(eg.scale) and default as (eg.###). Would you know how to do it?
    Hey great tutorial btw.

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