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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Cad Tips – AutoCAD MEP -Drawing Structural Steel

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4 Responses to “Cad Tips – AutoCAD MEP -Drawing Structural Steel”
  1. robw1031 says:

    Yes, only because we work that out on paper first then someone puts those on the cad contract documents then the detailer just needs to run the steel. however you could create a tag that would do that for you.

  2. tyme2cry says:

    gotcha… i noticed that there were bottom elevations on your beams… do you put those on there?

  3. robw1031 says:

    The base structura files are contract documents from structural engineer and are just autoCAD lines

  4. tyme2cry says:

    hey!!. i posted a video response to you on this. had some questions regarding your base struc files that you built off of. hit me back. i’d like to steal a few ideas.

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