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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Create a 3D Floorplan

Floor plans on 2D sheets cannot give a true representation of a room. You are unable to see the walls or furniture as they will actually look in 3D. This video details how easy it is to create a 3D floor plan to gain a very realistic view of any area…and all FREE with 3DVIA Shape 3.0!

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5 Responses to “Create a 3D Floorplan”
  1. ThreeDVIA says:

    @jazzlyzack It’s 3DVIA Shape: –>Products–>3DVIA Shape

  2. jazzlyzack says:

    What are those morons doing in back ground?
    Whats the name of the program dude? iTS AWESOME!!!

  3. anewone4 says:

    hey look at the woman at 3:47 xD

  4. ThreeDVIA says:

    3DVIA Shape is a FREE 3d Modeling application for anyone. Download from the 3DVIA, software, 3DVIA Shape page. There are also many tutorials for new users.

  5. ParapaDrifter says:

    seems like quite an intuitive 3d program, mind if I ask which it is?

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