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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Create a Profile With AutoCAD and AutoLISP (2 of 3)

Are you a cad draftsman who does not have a vertical application and need an easier way to create profiles? Maybe you are an independent engineer and you do your own drafting. You would like to use a vertical application, but you find them too expensive for your budget. Perhaps you are a drafter at a firm that uses a vertical product, but on some projects you have no need of a 3d model, yet still need to create profiles. This is a 3 video series showing how to create 2d profiles for your civil plans using regular AutoCAD along with a few lisp files that are available for free download on the internet. To download the lisp files use the following links: chelev link ——- quickprofile link ——- adgrid link ———————— This lisp file will create a profile based on contour data. 1. Again, be sure all contours are on the same layer 2. load quickprofile[1].lsp 3. type qp 4. follow prompt for layer name 5. follow prompt to select horizontal alignment The lisp places the profile at 0,0. Note that if your alignment extends beyond your contour data at either end, the lisp will project the grade of the adjacent segment to the endpoint of the alignment line. Also note that you will have flat areas at high and low points where there is no contour data. This will be more accurate if your contours are at smaller intervals. You still will want to adjust the high and low points in your profiles to get them closer

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One Response to “Create a Profile With AutoCAD and AutoLISP (2 of 3)”
  1. kb1k says:

    Great, thanks for linking to these helpful tools.

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