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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Plm Documents Can be Extracted Efficiently

According to Ricardo Talbot, Chief Science Officer with Elmo Solutions, “Elmo BoM is the only of its kind that allows the extraction and export, in one single unattended operation, of the exact composition of each single Autodesk block, assembly or sub-assembly, but also of the contents of all the attributes and “iProperties” contained in each component, including User-Defined properties. Although batch-export of Mechanical Desktop and AutoCAD Mechanical Bill of Materials (BOMs) is supported, Predefined Parts Lists are not required to allow extraction and export of BOMs, which are presented by Elmo BoM as a single file that can be in turn read by other applications such as Excel, Access, or directly imported into ERP / MRP applications, thus ensuring the desired synchronization of data produced by all processes: engineering, production, and costing.”

The wizards of Elmo Solutions have developed an application software that will attract not only AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD Electrical, AutoCAD Mechanical and Mechanical Desktop users, but also their coworkers, especially those who work in MRP and ERP.

Elmo BoM’s numerous benefits include:

• Bill of Materials can be automatically updated by using Elmo BoM in batch mode periodically

• Fast and efficient extraction of metadata (non-graphic data) from CAD documents

• All metadata is extracted in one single operation

About Elmo Solutions:

Elmo Solutions Inc. ( is the leader in managing CAD/PLM metadata, and provides unique software products such as Elmo Search, the enterprise search engine software for CAD/PLM and other documents; Elmo Link, a CAD companion software application that provides a live, bidirectional, “hot” link between CAD/PLM and MRP/ERP applications; and Elmo BoM, a standalone application that allows batch extraction of the metadata found in CAD/PLM documents in a single operation.”

Elmo Solutions provides comprehensive professional services related to the creation, maintenance, transformation and processing of CAD/PLM metadata. Elmo Solutions is headquartered in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada and has users in 42 countries. Elmo Solutions is an offshoot of IRISCO du Québec Inc., a professional services company specializing in Products / Property / Project Lifecycle Management. Established in 1976, its customers include manufacturing companies, public utilities, engineering and government organizations.

Elmo Solutions

Ricardo Talbot


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