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Monday, May 29, 2017

SketchUp and CAD – Importing and Preparations

There are varied approaches to using SketchUp with CAD files. This video is the 1st of 3 videos that present one method we suggest as it is quick and creates a good clean SketchUp model. In this video we import a CAD plan, group and lock it, delete extra layers and create a unique layer for the floor plan and create scenes to toggle the floor plan visibility on and off.

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25 Responses to “SketchUp and CAD – Importing and Preparations”
  1. azrul97078 says:

    @RomeBoarderr Kindly check this steps:
    1. Ctrl+Shift+E to zoom all the model your imported
    2. Make sure all layer is turn on
    3. Certain computer graphic doesn’t suit with sketchup 7, simply go to WINDOW, PREFERENCES, OPENGL, unselect the USE HARDWARE ACCELERATION
    4. Make sure while importing check the options, either your drawing in metric or etc.

  2. azrul97078 says:

    When you import CAD file into any existing sketching model; we call it “Component”. It is crucial because “Component” is different from “Group”.

  3. noorseo88 says:

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  4. harry912000 says:

    LOL we did this w/ my friends in our comp. lab! tnx for the tutorial btw.

  5. michaeldaddario says:

    Awesome video. I wanted to do this with my students. Do you know where I would be able to get a floor plan like this? Thanks

  6. RomeBoarderr says:

    I have AutoCad 2006 and Sketchup 7.1 but when I download the Plugin for windows, for importing dwg/dwn files, Sketchup doesn’t see the dwg/dwn files…
    Can someone help me pzl?

  7. HoldenEW says:

    how do you find an autocad file?

  8. AlizaVandenburg says:

    huhuschnüffel gibts den keinen hier der mit mir chatten mag bin so gelangweilt

  9. salvadoralucard says:


  10. McdonaldSpecial says:

    Is Design spelled with 2 D’s?

  11. love4mj789 says:

    Cad is spelled with 2 d’s

  12. King00000000000000 says:

    @batboy1350 hahahaha

  13. neomarked20 says:

    haha yes he is dude

  14. batboy1350 says:

    dude you sound like randy orton you know him???

  15. shadeed911 says:

    thanks man

  16. xxAmzzyxx says:

    ur voice is different in every vid

  17. xxAmzzyxx says:

    huh, how did u get that???

  18. carloflo says:

    Yes, what I can not do is to import from a 2010 autocad version to sketchup pro evaluation version. Comes out as an error of some king.

  19. orastaman1 says:

    They removed the ability to import DWG files in free version. Google search Patch Sketchup DWG for the free patch. or download Sketchup 6! Without the ability to import CAD files Sketchup is not as easy to use!

  20. VitalijusK says:

    Is this Sketchup Pro??? Can i do it with SketchUp (not Pro) ? Can anyone tell me? thanks!

  21. aleksa069 says:

    THANKS man your rok!!!!

  22. thegreatCOOPS says:

    by me it doesn’t have ACAD FILES. help why not?

  23. Droplip says:

    he made the floor plans on Autodesk AutoCAD and imported into sketchup

  24. Droplip says:

    Just grab the corner of it and drag!

  25. blackgold161 says:

    How do you move the tool bar?

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