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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Tips on Developing an Autocad Standards Policy

Once a Please Login or Register to see the link.Please Login or Register to see the link. management decides to develop an standards policy into its system, all staff must enforce this course. Otherwise the process of increasing the standards becomes unsuccessful and may lead to confusion about responsibilities. Communication is the key for everybody in the organization, as they can also provide some insights as to what might help for the success of your company.

The following are suggested tips for discussing developing an AutoCAD standards policy with the upper management of your company by The National CAD Standards (NCS):


When deciding on a CAD manager to create and implement the CAD standards, suggest that all CAD staff vote on who they think should become the CAD leader.

If no one can be found internally for the CAD manager position, or no one wants to take on the responsibility of developing and updating the AutoCAD standards, management should hire an outside individual or seek qualified outside third party resources to develop and implement the standards.

Make sure upper management is aware of the ramifications of not drawing the line when it comes to decision making.

Prior to developing the standards, each department should submit its current AutoCAD standards to the CAD manager for review. These existing standards should only be used to assist the CAD manager with the development of the new global standard.

There should be only 1 final decision maker for the company’s AutoCAD standards, the CAD manager. The CAD manager’s decisions must be fully enforced by upper management in writing.

When it comes to a good CAD manager, a firm will “get what they pay for”. Realizing that an excellent CAD manager will save your company money in productivity, is smart business.



These will develop a company standard for the purpose of bringing the departments together more professionally and maintaining a custom by which even new employees can easily get up to speed.

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