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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Tutorial 27 autocad 2d 3d paperspace

Asolid model of a machined part was created. If ,after watching this, any viewer desires to have a copy of the drawing file (.dwg) to practice on, I will be happy to e-mail it to them, as an attachment, FREE of CHARGE. Send e-mail request to………..Thank you………Prof. G. Ash WIT

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One Response to “Tutorial 27 autocad 2d 3d paperspace”
  1. mjnuij says:


    Very good movie. But i have 2 questions. How can i copy my lines, what you do in 3.48 minutes. Please, can you write that stap for stap(i have autocad 2009).
    The second question is what you do in 4.39 minutes. How can i turn that 90 degrees? Please can you also say that stap fpr stap.

    Many Greetings Martin

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