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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Happy New Year from AutoCAD Tip of the Day

Wow, 2008 is history and 2009 has begun.  My hope is that it’s the best year yet for all of you.  My theme for this year is to Live on Purpose, for a Purpose.  Before you know it, we will be bringing in 2010.  Life is too short to procrastinate, too precious to waste and is filled with too much opportunity to be mediocre.

I also wanted to let you know of some things that are in store for AutoCAD Tip of the Day in 2009.  We will be releasing a Newsletter that will be filled with all of our tips and even more.  Some people prefer to receive their tips each day and others prefer to receive the fewest number of emails as possible.  This will allow us to meet the needs of everyone.

Something new for us is this BLOG.  This will allow us to add more graphical information such as screen captures and video.  You will also be able to post your comments.  This will enable us to develop more of a community and help each other advance and grow.

Please post a comment on this Blog.  I’ve enjoyed the tremendous feedback from some of your emails.  Share anything from New Year’s Resolutions to your favorite parts of 2008.  And, as always, let me know how I can add value to you and your life or career.

Thanks again for Subscribing and I look forward to serving and getting to know you more this year.


Mike Williams

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7 Responses to “Happy New Year from AutoCAD Tip of the Day”
  1. Paul Rigden says:

    Hi Mike,

    Keep up the great work and Best Wishes to all for the future.

  2. John Mck says:

    Once a week would be great.
    Thanks for you efforts!

  3. Stuart Sachs says:

    Your notes are very helpful. THANKS
    Once a week would be fine

  4. Dan Crimmins says:

    Now that Cadalyst tips n tricks has gone weird, I have unsubscribed to them, and have had enormous luck to find your publication!
    I would think once or twice a week would be plenty . . . most of us work for a living, and cannot appreciate daily tips.

    Keep up the good work . . . Rocky

  5. autocadtipoftheday says:

    Hey Rocky,
    Thank you for the input. I love user feedback. We’ve been getting several comments on the frequency of the tips and plan to implement some of the suggestions.

  6. Soheila says:

    Dear Mike,

    Appreciate everything you do, please keep it up as I find it real helpful. Also, I have a question, what do you suggest in becoming certified in Auto CAD and what would be the best way to do it?

  7. Hey Soheia,
    This question must have slipped past me. I’m assuming there are some online ways to become certified. I took drafting at a local college. Whichever route you take, make sure you keep advancing and learning yourself. I’ve hired several people without any school or certification, just the desire and commitment to learning and taught them from scratch. The more your learn on your own, the more valuable you become to a company. In the end, many companies are more concerned about what you know than how you learned it.

    I’m not saying to forget about getting certified, everything helps, but don’t let that be your sole source for developing your skills.

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