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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

How's the fitness going?

It’s a beautiful day here in Lake Charles, Louisiana. I took advantage of that fact by going out and running. I had previously mentioned that I was going to train for a half-marathon. I wanted to let you know that the training is going great. This morning I ran 8.5 miles and enjoyed every minute of it. I actually ran all the way across town and back (we live in a small town obviously). Knowing I can get anywhere in town by foot is a great feeling for me.

I mentioned in that previous post about getting out from behind the desk and doing a little exercise. Since we sit so long at a computer and are constantly chasing deadlines, it’s very easy in our professions to let our fitness slip. I was very encouraged from the emails I received letting me know many of our subscribers were either in a fitness program or was going to join one. If you haven’t started something, I highly encourage you to do so. Taking care of our health is the single best investment in our future. The old saying “an ounce of prevention is worth more than a ton of cure” is only part of it.

Prevention can be fun (taking up a new sport or activity), keep us young and active, lower stress, increase energy and endurance, and extend our active lives much farther into the future. Once you start having to rely on “curing”, it’s a long, tough battle. I’ve had family members that were relatively young, but out of shape, get injured or sick and never recover. I’m sure we all know people like that. Nobody plans on being that person.

So let’s do some prevention. And have a blast doing it. The best time to start was in the past. The second best time is now. The worst thing we can do is put it off for the future.

That’s my rant for the day. Let me know what you think. Post your comments below.


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