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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

AutoCAD Tips: Questions

Please post your AutoCAD questions or submit a request for a future tip here. Feel free to comment on other subscribers questions as well.

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60 Responses to “AutoCAD Tips: Questions”
  1. Marola says:

    Is it possible to insert a field which is the number of times a block is inserted in a drawing?


  2. I think you are going to be limited to what you can do since you are using AutoCAD LT. In the full verison you can create custom commands thru LSP and Visual Basic.

  3. i don’t know if you can do this using fields, but you could find the information out using the BCOUNT command.

  4. ilyas says:

    hi Mike, Im using autocad 2009, when i move from model to paperspace with my drawing the curved lines becomes angular/zig zaggy, no I dea why, is there a command to reset the line back to normal?

  5. If you give the Regen command, it should clear it up. You can also set the system variable Viewres to be a higher number. The higher the number the smoother the arcs but the slower the drawing performance may be. You can also set this in the display tab of the Options dialog box under “display resolution”

  6. Roberto Madrigal says:

    Mike ,
    I need help with isometric drwings any lessons that will teach me how to draw step by step

  7. TRAZOIDEAL says:

    hello, I know how to change the way SteeringWheels 2D to 3D, because 3D objects and management tool in 2D mode does not help. Thanks

  8. Hey Roberto,
    I haven’t done any tips on isometric drafting. I’ll put that one on the list.

  9. Ryan says:

    Hello again,

    I tried posting this question a few days ago and actually thought I posted twice, but now that I have check back It may not have posted at all…so here goes agin…I cannot find a solution so I’m back trying to find an answer here.


    I have been using Auto-CAD for 12 years and have encountered a problem that has me baffled. This is in regards to 2d drafting only. Vertical and horizontal lines appear on screen to be correct. When angled lines are drawn they do not “appear” correct even though the properties and measurements check out. For instance when I intersect a 45 degree line perpendicular at the mid-point..the angles each side do not appear as 90 degrees even though all properties and measurements say they are…one angle, as it appears on the screen, seems slightly obtuse and the other slightly acute….even though they are 90s….something is wrong with the ucs or I screwed something up when using 3d orbit at some point..I’m losing my mind trying to resolve this….thanks for any help

  10. Ryan,
    You are really making reach back in my memory bank for release 12. I’m assuming yuor circles look like ovals also. If i remember correctly, AutoCAD 12 has a screen calibration command. Since I think AutoCAD 12 was the 1st time they got rid of the “Main Menu” you will have to enter the “config” command or start autocad with the “-r” switch at the end of the command. Again, this is from memory. Let me know if it works.

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