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Monday, July 31, 2017

Open architecture USB controller advancement for motion control with applications like & engraving

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By: Mr. Dhiren Shah Solustan, Inc.   Introduction   Engraving systems have come a long way. Today’s computerized rotary engraving machines and laser machines allow creation of high quality fonts combined with eye-catching graphics. It feels like it was just yesterday when engravers used manual engraving machines.   Technology continues to march forward. As always, […]

how does the first day on the job as an assistant architect like???

July 12, 2010 by  
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I’m starting to work tomorrow as an assistant architect. I’m jiust wondering how it is like? I’m not yet well versed with some of the softwares they use (autocad) but i know the basics, though the employers are aware of this… any tips and advice out there???

Is Blender comparable to architectural CAD programs like form Z or autoCAD?

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I’m thinking of trying out Blender instead of the more pricey software for my architecture classes. Is Blender capable of doing many of the things that make formZ and autoCAD standards in architecture? In other words, how good is Blender for use in architecture?