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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Awesome Opportunity

Keep yourself and your firm current on the latest trends

Just like the world around us, our industry is constantly changing.  The area that is changing the fastest is in “sustainable design”.  The entire “green” movement has been picking up steam the last few years, and now design professionals are starting to do their part as well.  Aside from the tremendous advantage this has for our environment and the generations to come, this has opened the door to a great opportunity in our industry.

Great “Ground Floor” Opportunity

Here’s a great opportunity for you to increase your knowledge and value in the drafting/architectural/engineering community and be part of the movement towards sustainable building design.

There is a growing demand for LEED Accredited Professionals.  LEED APs are design professionals who have demonstrated a thorough understanding of green building techniques, the LEED Green Building Rating System, and the certification process.

As companies become more environmentally conscious, the demand for LEED APs will continue to grow.  This is a great “ground floor” opportunity.

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You Can Become the Expert

I’ve been talking to Pat Flynn about this new system.  Pat has a company called In the LEED and he has developed a study guide to help you learn the LEED System.  His system has already helped over 130,000 people do just that.  If you decide to get certified,  he even guarantees that if you don’t pass it in 2 tries, he will refund the price of the book.

The thing I like best about his study course

With our over-booked calendars these days, it’s difficult to find a time slot to learn such an in-depth system.  That’s why the thing I like most about his course is that he has an audio book version, so you can listen and learn on your computer, in your car or on your Ipod.

Go visit Pat’s website to read more and see what others are saying about his study guide.

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What is LEED

Many of you may not even be aware of the new LEED Green Building Rating System.  LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.  It was created by The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), which is a nonprofit organization with a vision of a sustainable built environment within a generation.

The LEED Green Building Rating System is a voluntary, consensus-based national rating system for developing high-performance, sustainable buildings. LEED addresses all building types and emphasizes state-of-the-art strategies in five areas: sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials and resources selection, and indoor environmental quality.

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3 Responses to “Awesome Opportunity”
  1. edmund perez celis says:

    hi mike,

    How do I make the commands sweep and loft with an autocad2006? i tried the command line but nothing works.

    Thanks and More Success

    Edmund Perez Celis

  2. It’s been a while since I’ve been on 2006, but I think it had the ability to EXTRUDE along a path. Create a path with a PLINE, type EXTRUDE, select your object then type “P” for path, then select the path.

  3. Jo Fugatt says:

    I’m glad you posted this. We just had a commercial building come through that had a “green” system in it that none of us had ever heard of before, and it threw us for a loop. Like you said, right now more and more professionals are expecting you to know this and an e-book is perfect. You can listen to it while you drive, workout, whatever. These days, I have to multi-task like a mad person in order to get everything done! This is why when John was still crawling, I attached swiffer pads to his knees…

    I am so kidding by the way, lol.

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