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Friday, July 28, 2017

Don’t break the law with CHSPACE

If you are like me, the day you found the CHSPACE command there was much rejoicing. You no longer had to copy, paste, scale, explode, etc… to move something between spaces.  But with all great things, there’s always that “too good to be true” moment, when you realize it’s not as perfect as you originally thought.

For me, this happened with the CHSPACE command when I realized my leaders and their text were no longer associated after they made the journey.  One thing that drives me crazy is when my leaders and their text are not connected.  I’ve actually got a site call Please Login or Register to see the link. that I will have going one day for the sole purpose of making sure everyone knows all the NEVERS and ALWAYS associated with AutoCAD drafting.  And you can bet associating leaders and text will be on there.  As a matter of fact, I’m going to go there as soon as I finish this post and add it.

Anyway, we can’t have a great command like CHSPACE going around and breaking the law, no matter how awesome it is.  Therefore, here’s a way to deal with this felony.

The first solution works if you have the Express Tools loaded (which you know I believe everyone should).  You can attach a single leader to a single string of text by giving the QLATTACH command. And even more impressive, you can attach multiple leaders to multiple strings of text using the QLATTACHSET command. It’s amazing. Give it a try. I have no idea how it does this. I think it’s through some sort of magic. Your text must be MTEXT for it to work, which it will be if you are doing this in conjunction with the CHSPACE command.

The second option, if you don’t have Express Tools, is to BLOCK all your leaders before issuing the CHSPACE command. This adds a few steps to the process, but sometimes keeping the LAW takes a little more effort. Here’s the procedure.

1. Block your leaders and text

2. CHSPACE to move the block

3. Explode the block (If your leaders do some crazy stuff like lose the arrowheads – don’t panic, we will fix it in the next step)

4. Type DIMSCALE (or change it using one of the various ways to do so) and give it the scale of the space to which you’ve moved your objects

5. Select the Dimension Update command from the toolbar and select your leaders.

If all went according to plan, you are now in full compliance with the CAD Laws. Congratulations.

I hope you found this helpful and slightly entertaining. Post a comment below and let me know if it works for you.

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7 Responses to “Don’t break the law with CHSPACE”
  1. Bill Green says:

    Hey Mike,

    This was a good tip, especially for those who use 2008 and earlier. I know you know about Mleaders in 2009, but I understand that you must be general in order to reach the widest possible audience.

    By the way, I do like your casual writing style. It makes the tips that much easier to read… and entertaining.

  2. Hey Bill,
    Thanks for the feedback. Yea, I do like Mleaders. I will be doing a tip on them very soon.

    PS Thanks for the comment on my writing style. I really appreciate it.

  3. Beau James says:

    Has Autodesk already come up with (somewhat of) a fix for this? Using Civil3D 2008, I use the CHSpace command all the time, and I’ve found that all you need to do once you push the text & a leader through into Model is to simply click on it, grab the blue-grip, and just move it – the qualitative properties seem to return without having to go through the QLAttach process. Although, the properties of the leader in relation to the text location (middle-right or middle left) sometimes seem to get blown out through the process, but it’s one of those things where I’ve seen it happen as well as not happen – one of those CAD issues without rhyme or reason.

    Anyway, thanks for what you do. I’ve been in the CAD game for about 10 years now, but as with any command, if you don’t have a need for in your job, you don’t know it until someone points it out!

  4. That’s interesting. I know in AutoCAD Architecture 2008 it looses it’s associativity. Maybe they fixed it in the Civil release.

  5. Ruoshi Zhang says:

    It is amazing! I really like it, thanks Mike.

  6. Jerri Meaux says:

    Good tip. Thanks, I forwarded it to all the crew here.

    Changing the subject I just read your bio. Cool that you are from Lake Charles, My husband is from there. Graduated from McNeese. I have a niece there who has begun learning drafting. She began AutoCAD this last semester. I have a feeling she will become a power user. I’m sending her your web site so she can sign up for your newsletter.

    Thanks again

  7. Jerri,
    It’s such a small world. Thanks for forwarding the site.

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