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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

AutoCAD Training: Learn AutoCAD NOW!!!

AutoCAD Training: Learn AutoCAD Now!!!

Everyone knows how difficult it is to find (or keep) a good job in an field that uses AutoCAD
In today’s tough economy, you can’t afford to be anything but the absolute best AutoCAD drafting professional in your company. If you are out looking for a job, nobody will hire someone who is average, when the job market if full of extraordinary people.

In my 20 years as an expert AutoCAD consultant, I’ve trained so many people. And one thing that I know for a fact is this: There are so many people out there (many of whom have years of experience), that know very little of this amazing program. They learned enough to get by and their professional growth stopped.

That may have worked in the past, but it will not work now

“AutoCAD for Everyone.” is a complete step-by-step video training course for AutoCAD. This course was created for beginner and intermediate users, although I’m confident that many advanced users will benefit significantly as well. Imagine how much faster you will complete you drafting projects once you master the lessons listed at the bottom of this page. You will be more productive. You will be more efficient. You will be more valuable to your company.

All lessons are recorded in High Definition video and broken into small, easy to learn pieces that allows for quick reference to any specific topic anytime you find yourself in need of help. This course was recorded using AutoCAD 2009, but I have videos in this course so those of you using older version of AutoCAD (back to 2006) or AutoCAD 2010, can still learn and apply the lessons.

When you are ready to order, go toPlease Login or Register to see the link. and you can start advancing ahead of everyone in your field today.

A $620.00 TOTAL VALUE, ONLY $174.97

Still not sure?

I understand how hard it is to purchase something on the internet. In this section I want to answer some of the command responses I receive.

Why So Inexpensive?
I realize training courses like this sell for hundreds and even thousands of dollars more. But I’ve decided to keep the prices low so that it’s available to more people. I want to help you to become the best in your field.

What if I’ve never used AutoCAD?
No problem. I’ve trained many people who had ZERO AutoCAD knowledge or experience.

What if I don’t own AutoCAD?
In this course, I will show you how to download and install a FREE evaluation copy of AutoCAD that can be used to complete the course

What if I already know AutoCAD?
Many of you may fall into this category. I suggest you sign up for the free videos and watch them. When you are finished ask yourself “did I already know all of that information?” Then take a look at the course content listed below. Are you sure you’ve mastered all those topics? Your career is too important to take any chances. And the sad fact is, many times during “DOWNSIZING” it’s those with the most experience (translation: those who make the most money) that get cut first. Especially if there are younger and cheaper people who know AutoCAD better than you.

What topics are covered?
Here’s an index of the course content:

Lesson 1: Getting Started
VIDEO 1: Launching AutoCAD
VIDEO 2: Application Windows and User Interface
VDEIO 3: How to find your Menu Bar and Tool Bars
VIDEO 4: Right Click Menu and Command Line
VIDEO 5: Function and Control Keys
VIDEO 6: Save and Close
VIDEO 7: Workspace Switching & AutoCAD Classic Interface (NEW)
VIDEO 8: Using “AutoCAD for Everyone” with Older Versions of AutoCAD (NEW)
VIDEO 9: Using “AutoCAD for Everyone” with AutoCAD 2010 (NEW)

Lesson 2: Navigation and Object Selection
VIDEO 1: Zoom and Pan
VIDEO 2: Model Space, Paper Space and Layout Tabs
VIDEO 3: Model Space and Paper Space Status Bar Buttons
VIDEO 4: Selecting Objects

Lesson 3: Drawing Aids
VIDEO 1: Introduction and Ortho
VIDEO 2: Snap and Grid
VIDEO 3: Osnap
VIDEO 4: Grips

Lesson 4: Editing
VIDEO 1: Coordinates
VIDEO 2: Move and Copy
VIDEO 3: Mirror
VIDEO 4: Rotate
VIDEO 5: Stretch
VIDEO 6: Scale
VIDEO 7: Offset
VIDEO 8: Fillet and Chamfer
VIDEO 9: Trim and Extend
VIDEO 10: Break
VIDEO 11: Explode
VIDEO 12: Lengthen
VIDEO 13: Text and Mtext Editing
VIDEO 14: Editing Hatch
VIDEO 15: Block Editing
VIDEO 16: Xref Editing

Lesson 5: Layers
VIDEO 1: Introduction to Layers
VIDEO 2: Setting and Using Layers
VIDEO 3: On/Off and Freeze/Thaw
VIDEO 4: Lock/Unlock and Color
VIDEO 5: Linetypes and Ltscale
VIDEO 6: Lineweight and Noplot
VIDEO 7: New VP Freeze
VIDEO 8: VP Layer Override
VIDEO 9: Create, Delete and Set
VIDEO 10: Layer Filter
VIDEO 11: Layer State Manager
VIDEO 12: Layer Ribbon Sub-Panel Overview
VIDEO 13: Layer Tools Settings and Right Click Menu Options

Lesson 6: Draw Commands
VIDEO 1: Line and Pline
VIDEO 2: Ray and Xline
VIDEO 3: Polygon
VIDEO 4: Rectangle
VIDEO 5: Arc
VIDEO 6: Circle
VIDEO 7: Donut
VIDEO 8: Spline
VIDEO 9: Ellipse
VIDEO 10: Point, Measure and Divide
VIDEO 11: Hatching
VIDEO 12: Revision Cloud
VIDEO 13: Text and Mtext
VIDEO 14: Blocks
VIDEO 15: Block Attributes

Lesson 7: Dimensioning
VIDEO 1: Dimensioning
VIDEO 2: MultiLeader
VIDEO 3: MultiLeader Style
VIDEO 4: MultiLeader Modify Style
VIDEO 5: Dim Style – Lines
VIDEO 6: Dim Style – Arrows
VIDEO 7: Dim Style – Text
VIDEO 8: Dim Style – Fit
VIDEO 9: Dim Style – Units
VIDEO 10: Dim Style – Override
VIDEO 11: Dim Toolbar

Lesson 8: Plotting and Publishing
VIDEO 1: Introduction to Plotting
VIDEO 2: Plot Dialog Box
VIDEO 3: Page Setup
VIDEO 4: Pen Style Tables (CTB)
VIDEO 5: Pen Style Tables (STB)
VIDEO 6: Plot Stamp

Bonus Lessons:
VIDEO 1: Download and Install AutoCAD
VIDEO 2: Setbylayer Command
VIDEO 3: Creating Custom Shapes
VIDEO 4: Creating Custom Linetypes
VIDEO 5: Using Other People’s Pen Setting Tables
VIDEO 6: eTransmit
VIDEO 7: Flatshot
VIDEO 8: Spacetrans
VIDEO 9: Configuring and using Autosave
VIDEO 10: Batch Convert to older AutoCAD Version

That’s not All
You also receive the following:

  • My EBook “30 Things Every AutoCAD User Needs to Know”
  • Quick Reference Sheet: Scales and Text
  • Quick Reference Sheet: Shortcut Keys
  • Quick Reference Sheet: User Interface

A $620.00 TOTAL VALUE, ONLY $174.97

To ORDER NOW, go to Please Login or Register to see the link.

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6 Responses to “AutoCAD Training: Learn AutoCAD NOW!!!”
  1. D.V.PINTO says:

    I am intrigued by your offer

  2. Let me know if you have any questions about the product.

  3. Richard Williams says:

    Looks very interesting.
    I am intermediate with Acad2008 (some 3d stuff as well), but badly lack in the finer points.
    64 years old, a life long electrical engineer, recently registered disabled due to spinal injury.
    No longer able to do the ‘hands on’ stuff, so I need to train up on the design / draughting side.
    I would like to see your samples please.

    Kind regards

    Richard Williams.
    Oxford. UK

  4. Did you sign up for the free bonus videos? Go to the order page for the AutoCAD Training course and fill out the box on the side.

  5. Dave says:


    Had a look at your training videos.

    Does this apply to AutoCAD 2008? we are thinking of upgrading in the coming weeks…would this apply to 2010 updates too?


  6. The videos are recorded in 2009. I have a video that walks people thru the primary differences in 2008 and 2010 so you can benefit from the course as well.

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