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Friday, July 28, 2017

Subscriber Submitted Tip: TRIM and EXTEND

Here’s a quick, subscriber-submitted tip from Will Forty in London.  Will writes this:

Hi Mike,

You mention about switching between Trim and Extend commands, and I thought I’d add something (if of course you don’t already know)

I have removed the EXTEND command from my interface completely because it’s not required: with-in the TRIM command you can toggle to EXTEND by holding shift. (The reverse works for EXTEND switching to TRIM too).

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the tip, Will.  Here’s two bonus tips about the TRIM and EXTEND command.

When prompted to select objects, if you look at the command line, you will notice it reads “Select objects or <select all>: “.  We know from previous tips that whatever is in the < > is the default.  So, if you press Enter, instead of selecting a cutting/boundary edge, it assumes all objects are cutting/boundary edges.  This allows you to do multiple TRIM/EXTEND functions at a time.  Just start picking the segments to TRIM or EXTEND.

If you wish to erase an object while in the middle of the TRIM or EXTEND command, press the “R” key (we learned in a previous tip that whichever letter is capitalized is the keyboard shortcut for that command or option: in this case “eRase” = “R”).  You are prompted to “Select objects to erase: “.  Once you finish picking your objects and press the enter key, you are returned back to where you left off in the TRIM / EXTEND command.

With these tips, TRIM and EXTEND will be much quicker and more efficient.


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6 Responses to “Subscriber Submitted Tip: TRIM and EXTEND”
  1. Tim Billings says:

    Another great tip on a command we all use every day. Thanks Will and Mike.

  2. Heghine says:

    …and there is another great command called EXTRIM.

    Draw a rectangle, then pick a polyline and cover the rectangle with random lines.
    Command: extrim
    Pick a POLYLINE, LINE, CIRCLE, ARC, ELLIPSE, IMAGE or TEXT for cutting edge…

  3. Heghine says:

    oops sorry…here is the continuation.

    …Select the rectangle then specify the side to trim on: (that is the inner or outer side of the rectangle). Isn’t it great? It is not that i use this command a lot, but sometimes it really helps to work efficiently. I hope this will help you.

  4. Hey Heghine,
    Yes, that is a great tip. It was submitted by someone last week and I put it in the list. Thanks for the input

  5. abhi says:

    trim command is not working………how can i activate it……..i m using the proper method of trim as—-click on trim-right click anywhere-click on the line

  6. what version of AutoCAD are you using?

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