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Friday, July 28, 2017

You Are Going to Love This Trim Tip

One of the coolest things about having a community of subscribers here at AutoCAD Tip of the Day is we can all benefit from the knowledge and experience of each other.

Patrick Szeto submitted a tip on another trim command called EXTRIM.  This is a great command.  I think it used to be part of Express Tools (it may have been called “cookie cutter trim”).  Somewhere around Release 2006, it became a command that you could only access through the command line.

To see this command in action, draw a rectangle with LOTS of lines going through it.  Then type EXTRIM and select the rectangle.  You are then prompted to “specify the side to trim on: “.  If you pick outside the box, it trims everything crossing the box around the outside and you are left with just the lines in the middle.  If you select inside the box, it trims all the lines inside the rectangle and leaves the lines on the outside.  Sounds a little confusing?  Give it a try and it will make perfect sense.

This command is awesome for trimming the contour lines out of a building outline.  And check this out… it will trim around text.  Very cool.

I would guess this command only works in versions of AutoCAD that has Express Tools.  Check it out and let me know what you think in the comment section below.  And be sure to give props to Patrick.


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19 Responses to “You Are Going to Love This Trim Tip”
  1. Stuart Sachs says:

    Thanks Mike

    Pick pick pick pick pick pick pick is GONE.

  2. Vincent Swift says:

    excellent tip
    heres a tip I use alot with the offset command we often want to draw a centreline offset from an outine and a lot of people work out the half distance in their head which is ok but if its a large number say 2975 i just enter 2975/2
    saves working it out doesnt work with decimals though stiill hope you find it useful

  3. Hey Vincent,
    Thanks for the bonus tip. BTW, you can type ‘cal (don’t forget the ‘ to make it transparent) and enter the numbers and it will work with decimals.

  4. rHOnz says:

    thanks mike!

    I find it very useful no need to pick it one by one.. thanks so much..

  5. Mike V says:

    N I C E !!! Save all those extra clicks and picks

  6. Mike V says:

    N I C E !!! Save all those extra clicks and picks

  7. Vicki says:

    Very cool,

  8. Walter J says:

    Now that’s a great tip…
    Hey Mike,
    As I’m very new to the CAD world, what are some good books or video tutorials that I can get for architecture using AutoCAD 2007.
    Thanks in advance,

  9. Walter,
    I don’t have any books that I’ve personally read. I’m sure Amazon has tons of them. I’m in the process of developing some in-depth training videos that will be finished soon. Are you using plain AutoCAD or AutoCAD Architecture?

  10. nca says:

    Yes. This command is really great especially in trimming alot of lines crossing each other.

  11. Claude Dandurand says:

    Hi Mike
    I’m looking for a command that trims lines and arcs but dont erases it.
    Rather ;keep the lines and convert it in hidden lines.

    Sorry for my inglish,i am a french canadien in quebec and i appreciet your tips.

  12. Carlos says:

    Don’t forget to add on your tranny videos a chapter of How to organize you drawing or How to set up your drawing. It is so cool to recieved tip like the EXTRIME, from Patrick, but if your drawings are not well organized you are missing all the fun of working with these tips. Thank you for the job well done and Thanks for your Tips.

  13. Thanks Carlos. I will do that.

  14. Sue says:

    EXTRIM is similar to the Fence option in trim.
    Draw a horizontal line with numerous vertical lines running thru it.
    Type Trim and select the horizontal line, then type F, then click from a point parallel to your horizontal line (this wiil show a temp hidden line) thru the lines that you want to trim and click at the other end.
    This will trim all the vertical lines to the horizontal line.
    Hope this is clearer than mud……
    Thanks for the Tips, Mike.

  15. wakibd says:

    hello Mike,

    I like to trim several lines which passes through in several boxes in different places. using ex trim I have to do seperately.I could not select all boxes by using ex trim. Actually i want to trim all line which passes inside the boxes.


  16. ILONA says:

    Thank you for this useful tip, I found it really useful!

    In the newest versions of A-cad you don’t need the “fence” option because you can trim selecting by a crossing window, but if you have a lot of lines to trim, the EXTRIM works perfectly…

  17. Kate says:

    Very cool indeed. Very convenient and quick.
    Thanks!! Kate

  18. Kate says:

    Claude, have you tried the modify line break command? Split the line you start with and then change the line from solid to hidden after the line is split.
    And your writing is fine if this is the answer you need or want!! Cheers Kate

  19. CADTown says:

    That’s somewhat handy — I could see it working well if you had a bunch of GIS layers and needed to trim to an inset map, for example. I could live without the zooming in to the object and it would also be better if you could select multiple objects and have it trim to the inside/outside of all of them at once. Still cool though. Good to know about.

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